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This is the first paragliding DVD that really puts you in the midst of world class competition.

With pilot eye shots of huge gaggles combined with informative commentary and slick production values, you'll be left feeling like you took part!

I must admit that although I am fanatical about paragliding I rarely give more than a glimpse to paragliding competition results. This is mainly because it is hard to follow events with such patchy coverage. That will now change. Manilla Sky gives us mere mortals a peak into the world of competitive flying. Top pilots from around the world are interviewed as the competition unfolds. Statistical updates together with 3D Google Earth representations of tasks and routes flown by various pilots come together to produce coverage that equals any major sporting event.

We also get to see the friendly rivalry between the various national teams as they battle for positions. Tactics are discussed, along with the conditions and results for each task, but what really sets this apart from videos of other paragliding events is the stunning air to air footage taken by six cameras. Three mid air collisions are caught on tape together with a brief interview with Ewa 'cloud suck' Wisnierska who was lofted 32600 feet just days before the start of the competition at speeds of up to 4000 feet per minute.

This is what I have been waiting for, top notch coverage of an international paragliding competition that is on a par with major sporting events - EPIC!

- Mark's Paragliding Pages

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