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Wide Horizons Newsletters

Wide Horizons releases newsletters detailing what's new in our range and special deals for you. They will be available for download as PDF files from this page. If you would like to receive an email update when a new issue becomes available, please subscribe to Wide Horizons.

To view the newsletters, you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, which is available for free download from Acrobat.

Newsletter issues available:

ISSUE 1 - July 2007 (146kb)

ISSUE 2 - November 2007 (155kb)

ISSUE 3 - June 2008 (148kb)

ISSUE 4 - November 2008 (178kb)

ISSUE 5 - December 2008 (174kb)

ISSUE 6 - May 2009 (159kb)

ISSUE 7 - September 2009 (870kb)

ISSUE 8 - December 2009 (176kb)

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